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About Us
Company Profile
Company Name:TS TECH Deutschland GmbH
Establishment:June 2011
Managing Directors:Isao Kawashima / Wataru Takayasu
Lines of Business:Sales, development and related activities in Europe.
Main Customer:Volkswagen AG
Parent Company Profile
Company Name:TS TECH CO., LTD.
Establishment:December 5, 1960
Head Office: 3-7-27 Sakae-cho, Asaka-shi, Saitama 351-0012, Japan
President (Representative Director): Masanari Yasuda
Capital Stock:¥4,700,000,000
Lines of Business:Manufacturing and sales of automobile seats; automobile interiors; motorcycle seats; and resin-based products for motorcycles.
Number of Employees: 15,181 (consolidated)
01,727 (non-consolidated)
Total Shares Issues: 68 million shares
Closing of Accounts: March 31
Main Banks:The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited.
Main Customers:Honda Motor Co.,Ltd.
Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.
Honda Trading Corporation
Honda Access Corp.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.
Member Organization:Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA)
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Corporate History
TS TECH Co., Ltd. proudly manufactures seats and interior components for cars, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Originally founded in 1960 in Japan, the company developed into a global enterprise with more than 15.000 employees. The T stands for “Tokyo”, S stands for “seat” and TECH stands for technology.

TS TECH Japan, our parent company, made its initial offering on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in February of 2007.

In Germany, the main offices of TS TECH Deutschland GmbH are in Wolfsburg.

In 2011, TS TECH was established in Germany, initially in Frankfurt and Gifhorn. In 2013, we moved into our new office building in Wolfsburg.
Corporate Philosophy
The Philosophy of TS TECH:

Our Beliefs
“High Regard for People’s Potential”
“A Company Welcomed with Joy”

Company Principle
We will always pursue our dreams in manufacturing, challenge ourselves with limitless possibilities, and provide our worldwide customers with comfortable, quality products at competitive prices.

Management Policies
  • Create a vibrant workplace, respecting consensus and communication among people.
  • Treat time and priorities with importance, doing work harmoniously.
  • Possess enthusiasm and knowledge, challenging ourselves to create new value.
  • Be devoted to realizing individual visions, with relentless perseverance.

The Meaning of “Beyond Comfort”
We, TS TECH, have adopted the corporate message “Beyond Comfort.” “Beyond Comfort” emphasizes our will to push past the present boundaries toward a higher level of comfort.

A goal that goes beyond comfort
In the manufacture of its products, TS TECH pursues safety, environmental sustainability and comfort. The pursuit of comfort in particular is multifaceted and deep, and over the course of time, this pursuit is subject to an infinite process of evolution. When we approach our tasks as individual members of the TS TECH Group, our actions are underpinned by the belief that comfort leads to satisfaction, which in turn brings joy to the end users of our products. Under the TS TECH philosophy, we are not bound to the present, but rather we create products that go beyond the present in order to bring joy to all our stakeholders. Our will and determination to take on the challenges of a world whose future shape we cannot yet see are expressed through the words “Beyond Comfort.”

Environmental Policy
With respect for the global environment and a sustainable, recycle-oriented society, we strive to be an environmentally friendly company by making unlimited progress towards the protection of all life from pollution and conduct our manufacturing operations according to laws and regulations.
Corporate Social Responsibility
TS TECH strives to be a good corporate citizen by:
  • Providing jobs in the community
  • Supporting various community activities and charities
  • Encouraging employees to participate in the community
  • Being environmentally conscious and conserving resources

Employees from TS TECH Deutschland GmbH donated time and labor to the community clean-up event in Braunschweig in 2018.
Guidelines for Conduct
To ensure sound business administration and to enjoy the favor of our customers, our Associates and their families, and our Community, we are purposeful in our mission to be a company “That Makes a Difference”
Attitude toward customers:
We deliver a high degree of satisfaction to our customers by setting creative tasks for ourselves from the customer’s point of view and then carry out those tasks while imagining ourselves in their place.

Attitude toward shareholders:
We maintain a high degree of transparency by disclosing pertinent information willingly.

Our attitude while working for the company:
Through innovation, we create value by always looking forward with a positive mind.

Attitude toward suppliers:
We maintain a fair and positive relationship with our suppliers.

Attitude toward government:
We maintain a high regard for government and faithfully uphold the law.

Attitude toward the general public:
We actively promote conservation and proactively protect the environment.

Attitude toward the local community:
We are a responsible member of the community and make positive contributions by actively supporting social welfare, disaster relief and volunteer activities.

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